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If you are at a major milestone in your life and would like a qualified LPL Financial Advisor to help you with the next steps, a full financial plan may be in order. Major milestones include: retirement, change in career or job, marriage, birth of a child or grandchild and interest in passing on wealth to the next generation. Financial plans can be very detailed and require time, but if executed successfully can help offer a long term road map for your future.

The financial consultants at Peoples Financial have the opportunity to work with the Financial Planning Group at LPL Financial. This is a group of individuals who specialize in helping advisors identify and prioritize issues that are uncovered in the financial planning process. They are comprised of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professionals, with members of the team focusing on social security planning, retirement planning and efficient tax management. Together we will arrive at a tailored plan addressing your individual situation.

At the core of your relationship with Peoples Financial, we are highly focused on the following goals:

1. Accumulate Your Wealth

Pursuing your dreams starts with articulating and quantifying them.

2. Grow Your Wealth

We work with you to design an investment strategy tailored to help pursue your specific financial goals based on your individual risk tolerance.

3. Keep Your Wealth

Your investment portfolio is only half of the equation. You also need ideas to manage your tax liabilities and guard your family’s financial future from unforeseen events.

4. Enjoy Your Wealth

They say life happens when you’re making other plans. We’ll help you balance your current income and liquidity needs with your long-term goals.

5. Pass on Your Wealth

The comprehensive planning can help in an effort to pursue that what you have built will eventually benefit the people and organizations that mean the most to you.

*Financial planning offered through LPL Financial, a Registered Investment Advisor


You can expect us to take the time to get to know you and understand your financial dreams in order to craft a tailored financial plan to pursue them.

Some areas in which we can help you are:

  • 401K Rollovers

  • Retirement & Distribution Planning

  • Traditional & Roth IRA’s/IRA Rollover Services

  • College Saving Plans

  • Life & Long Term Care Insurance

  • Fixed & Variable Annuities

  • Social Security Analysis


Whether you are self-employed, own a small business or a large corporation, we offer access to a full suite of investment services that accommodate your needs.

Depending on your financial goals, you may benefit from implementing one or more of the following investment plans:

  • Retirement Plans
    (401k, Simple IRA, SEP Plan and Keogh Plan)

  • Success Planning

  • Business Succession Insurance
    (Key Person Life, and Buy/Sell Agreement)


You work hard to provide for your family and to create a secure financial future for the ones you love. Why not protect it? We examine your current insurance policies along with your financial situation to help determine if you are adequately covered or if there are ways to re-purpose those policies to fill any gaps.

  • Life & Long Term Care Insurance

  • Fixed & Variable Annuities

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